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 Introducing the world's only dry reagent

Narcotics & Explosives Field Test Kits

Announcing 3 new USER-SAFE kits to address FENTANYL & VAPING crisis in Schools and Communities, Coming Soon:

  • Fentanyl

  • Nicotine/Vaping

  • THC vs Hemp

Introducing SwabTek

SwabTek test kits are an intuitive, safe and simple to use one-step spot test to identify narcotics and explosives. The kits are comprised of a paper strip with dry reagent test zones applied to its surface and a cotton swab to transfer the suspect residue with minimal disruption to the paper strip test zone for analysis.  


There are no bulky or hazardous liquid reagent dropper bottles, breakable ampoules or pressurized spray cans. Unlike the competition, SwabTek test kits are 100% recyclable, non-hazardous and do not require any special neutralizers or disposal procedures.


• No hazardous liquids or glass

• Safe to use, no gloves required

• Results in seconds

• Minimal training required

• Lowest false positives

• Lightweight & ultra-portable

• Environmentally friendly disposal