Fentanyl+ Test Kit - Pack of 2

The SwabTek Fentanyl+ Test Kit is a single-use spot-test designed as a multi-drug screen for FENTANYL and a number of MAJOR FENTANYL ANALOGUES, as well as a number of other MAJOR NARCOTICS, including select synthetic opioids, amphetamines, and other cyclic amines.  The intuitive form factor makes it simple and safe to screen for narcotics in any sample, or on any surface. The test is capable of identifying the presumed presence of fentanyl and other narcotics in very small quantities, with a level of detection as little as 3 μg in mass for certain fentanyl compounds


Pack of 2 Includes: 2 test swabs + 2 test cards

Fentanyl+ Test Kit - Pack of 2

SKU: NTK-FEN-02-00

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