SwabTek PPE Sales Policy

The following items are intended to outline the Veriteque USA, Inc. (SwabTek) sales policy as it pertains to the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) related to the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. This sales policy is designed to cover all PPE, including but not necessarily limited to, protective masks and outerwear, respirators, sanitization products,  and other similar equipment that is sold directly through SwabTek. This sales policy does not cover any products that are sold directly from the manufacturer by way of SwabTek referral.


General Sales Policy

All PPE sales are final and not available to return or exchange. Refunds are only offered in-whole for non-delivery of products, or in-part if products are delivered more than 30 business days past the latest quoted delivery time. SwabTek reserves the right to substitute PPE products that are functionally and qualitatively equivalent.


Foreign PPE Quality Assurance Program

Through this program, products that are certified through regulatory bodies will have their certifications validated with the appropriate authority. All foreign-sourced PPE shipments from overseas suppliers will be subject to screening via inspection of the product upon change of possession in the foreign country. The inspections will be conducted by SwabTek's foreign QA partner, Bureau Veritas, a global leader in risk management, specializing in inspection, quality, health & safety, and environmental protection or by a similar provider. Domestic suppliers will be pre-vetted by the SwabTek Risk Management team.


Customer & Community Giveback Program

All proceeds from PPE sales are subject to the terms of SwabTek's Customer & Community Giveback Program. Under this program, a portion of the profit generated from PPE sales may be available for the customer making the purchase in one of the following three forms: 

  1. Used to procure additional PPE products, to donate to their community at large

  2. Delivered to the customer in the form of additional PPE supplies

  3. Returned to the Customer in the form of a cash rebate

SwabTek will continually monitor and mark-down its active list price of PPE as new pre-vetted lower cost suppliers are discovered and  engaged and will pass those savings along to the customers. The company will perform regular accounting of the profits from the PPE product sales, with the goal of increasing the amount of the giveback to the community.

SwabTek PPE Logistics Policy

SwabTek’s preferred Shipping and logistics and customs partner is Kuehne + Nagel, an international expert company in the space.  Wherever possible, we will employ their services for shipping that we perform. In other cases, our suppliers may coordinate the shipping using their preferred providers.

SwabTek’s Medical Device importation partner, Techlink International is being used to help guarantee compliance with FDA rules and reporting for all products brought into the USA.

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