Liquid Explosives

Test Kit

SwabTek’s Liquid Explosive Test Kit is designed to test for the presumptive presence of chemicals used in explosives in any liquid sample. Since the kit is based on a cotton-swab and dry paper strip, it can be used to test liquid residue in any form, without the need for scooping, pouring, or mixing. This allows the user to quickly, easily, and safely test any liquid sample that is suspected of containing explosive material. SwabTek’s technology contains no acids, carcinogens, or toxic liquids, eliminating any potential risk to the user during testing. The intuitive and safe nature of the kit’s dry-paper technology allows it to integrate seamlessly into screening procedures in any environment, including airports, stadiums, border crossing, and mailrooms.

Liquid Explosives Test Kit

Each kit contains pH, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen compounds, and peroxide tests.



(pH) ACIDS:                            

Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Picric acid, BASES - Hydrazine, Organic amines  

Volatile Organics:              

Nitromethane, Nitroethane, Acetone, Fuels (petrol / diesel / benzene), Hydrazine     


Nitro-based Organics:   

NG, Nitric acid     



Peroxides, MEKP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorites, Hypobromites     




Detection occurs in Home Made Explosives (HME) that may be prepared as Liquids, Aerosols, Gels and Creams

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