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SwabTek’s Cocaine Test Kit is designed to test for the presumptive presence of cocaine in any sample. Since the kit is based on a treated cotton-swab, it can be used to test for cocaine residue on any surface, without the need for the presence of a visible powder or rock. This allows the user to test any surface that is suspected to have come in contact with the drug, including tabletops, pipes, baggies, and hands. The test is simple and intuitive, and contains no acids, carcinogens, or toxic liquids, eliminating any potential risk to the user during testing. The safety benefits of SwabTek’s dry-paper technology make it perfect for use in battling drug use in businesses, classrooms, and at home.

Cocaine Test Kit


  • Cocaine HCl

  • Cocaine freebase

  • Crack

  • Speedball (Heroin / Cocaine mix)



Detection occurs in samples that may appear white or off-white in color and comprised of a fine to coarse powder, a hard rock or opaque crystal, a sticky white paste, cocaine impregnated into paper sheets or dissolved as liquids and vaping juices.

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